The ELSE project envisages both intellectual outputs (IOs) and outcomes to be reached all along the life of the project and to have an impact after its completion.

IO1 - Innovating pedagogies at tertiary level: a hypertext of good practices

A “state of the art” in the form of a hypertext, including links to synthetical descriptive verbal texts and audiovisuals.

IO2 - Flipping the academic classroom: the eco-system

A cloud-based eco-system meant to enhance the flipped classroom, where materials, assignments, meetings, collaborations and exchanges of opinions can be supported.

IO3 - Learning through simulation: technology enhanced environments for university

A simulation environment based on problem-setting and problem-solving procedures, which triggers off individual or group analyses and research

IO4 - Personalizing competence e-assessment: a digital tool

An e-assessment device based on personalized parameters,  to infer important information about the educational and learning process and to assess the performance of the user

IO5 - Making change happen: the ELSE university teacher's manual for teaching the Humanities in the digital age

A professor’s manual for maximising the potential of IO1, IO2, IO3 and IO4, available both in paper and in digital version

IO6 - Making self-reflection feasible: the ELSE university student's guidelines to self-assessment

Guidelines intended to help students at every stage of their studying, i.e. skill identification and development, learning strategies, etc…